Plywood Window Seat with Cube Storage

DIY Window Bench

Picture of Plywood Window Seat with Cube Storage

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Turn Your Pickup into a Flatbed

Picture of Convert Your Pickup Truck to a Flatbed

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I have since made some changes and improvements to the truck including stake pockets and side walls. I also painted the bed with a black bed liner that is more durable than the spray paint I used in the Instructable.

Oil filter life hack

Picture of Oil Filter life hack

I was working on my car had drained the oil and couldn’t get my oil filter off. I looked for my oil filter wrench but could not find it anywhere. So I improvised. Some of you may have done this before but this worked so well I thought I would share it with everyone.

So this is a pretty simple solution so all you need is a ratchet strap. First take the long end completely off the ratchet and fold the long end of the strap over and feed the folded end about a foot out the other side. Then crank the ratchet a few times to hold the loop slightly bigger than the oil filter. That is it, you are ready to use your ratchet strap as a oil filter wrench.


There is a one direction that works better than the other, similar to an actual oil filter wrench. So if it doesn’t seem like it’s working you may need to flip the whole thing over and try again. I’ll try to show you the direction in the photos.

First put the loop you made over the oil filter and ratchet the strap almost all the way down. You should have tight enough that when you pull on the ratchet it gets tighter in one direction and loosen in the other direction.

This worked very well for me and saved me some time and money having to run to the autoparts store to get another oil filter wrench.

I hope you find this helpful.