Once I completed the CNC router I was asked to make 120 finials for a local theaters set.This is a simple design I put together to test out and show the set designer before cutting all of them. The base is sized so that it can be friction fit into 1/2 conduit. I learned some lessons about designing for CNC routers with this project.

I have been making since I was a child long before "making" was a thing. I have always had a habit of taking things apart but only sometimes putting them back together. When I was 8 years old or so I took apart the families video camera and couldn't get it back together. Now I tend to turn the things I take apart into something new. I have over 10 years experience building sets, making props, and designing and rigging stunts for the stage. Interests green building design, electronics, alternative energy, welding, prop making, theatrical set design, CNC, engineering

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