CNC Lessons Learned (video 5)

Once I completed the CNC router I was asked to make 120 finials for a local theaters set.This is a simple design I put together to test out and show the set designer before cutting all of them. The base is sized so that it can be friction fit into 1/2 conduit. I learned some lessons about designing for CNC routers with this project.

CNC dust collection (video 6)

Published on Apr 18, 2016

I was in the process of cutting a bunch of holes for a cold air return floor grate when I couldn’t stand the dust anymore. I spent the weekend building a delrin and popbottle skirt dust collection for my CNC. It works well but I can’t take credit for the design. I was in a hurry so I found the design on inventables just searching for “dewalt 611 dust collection”. I did modify the design to fit my needs by using a clear flexible material for the skirt rather than the black brush you see in most designs.